About New Life Radio

New Life Radio features the most trusted Bible teachers in the Slavic world and USA to share the word of God with our listeners. Leaders of denominations in the Russian evangelical Church are featured daily, including heads of seminaries and leading pastors.

All airtime is given to these churches free of charge, and there are no commercials, or selling of products on the air. CRFR and its partners around the world provide this tool for Slavic Christians who are unable to organize and fund radio stations at the local level to reach their own people and communities.

Because NLR is non-denominational in scope, it is able to effectively reach across a wide group of Christian churches interested in proclaiming Christ to a lost nation and world.

NLR is looking for programming partners to help it meet the demands of a 24/7 radio schedule: If you have a great program to share, contact NLR in Moscow or the CRFR office in NEW YORK


PO Box 428
Jamestown, New York 14701 USA
in Moscow:

NLR radio staff in 2017: Andre, Katya, Dima, Alona, Vladimir

NLR's dedicated radio missionaries work daily to provide high quality radio content in word and song. Listeners around the world write in to confirm that New Life Radio is making a difference in their lives.

YOU CAN help our talented team to continue their mission by:

  1. Monthly missionary support of a staff member $1500+/month
  2. NLR satellite channels: $4000/month
  3. NLR Internet radio service $1500/month
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