NEW LIFE RADIO-Moscow: Reaching a new generation for Christ across Russia, the former Soviet Union, and worldwide via direct to home satellite radio, FM, and Internet broadcasting.

New Life Radio began its ministry as Russia's 1st Christian FM radio station (1996) and in 2000, established nationwide broadcasting from Moscow via satellite.

NLR's satellite radio audience potential: 103 million+ homes across Europe and Russia.

NEW LIFE RADIO is an incredibly efficient media resource to share the Gospel, with a budget of $15,000 per month!

You can sponsor an hour of global Christian radio for only $60, or $1 a minute!

Russia Coverage NLR Station

CRFR in Detail

CRFR is a non-profit Christian ministry based in Jamestown, New York.

In 2001, CRFR came into existence for the purpose of taking over the administration--and guiding the future development of--the New Life Radio Satellite Network in Moscow, from the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination that had created the NLR network.

The founding members included former denominational leaders of the Covenant, clergy, and laypersons who were convinced that Russia needed Christian radio in order to support the evangelical Church efforts there in evangelism and discipleship. Dr. Daniel Johnson was assigned the duty of president, in addition to his ongoing trusteeship of the Russian legal entities that control NLR-Moscow.

In 2017, CRFR continues its efforts to make the NLR network an integral mission tool of the Church, not only in Russia, but to all nations that have Russian-speakers needing to hear the Gospel. CRFR is committed to developing mission partnerships with evangelical denominations and ministries that desire to reach into Russia and beyond. To realize this, CRFR offers the services of New Life Radio to our partners with air time and programming opportunities in order to communicate with thousands of communities, millions of homes and individuals, as well as churches and ministry sites.

CRFR, as a tool of the evangelical Church, focused on evangelism and discipleship, is inclusive to all who adhere to the Apostle's Creed and have as their primary emphasis, the proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our orientation as a non-denominational outreach gives us the ability to work with a wide cross section of Churches that need to come together to witness to an unbelieving Slavic world.

The responsibility to maintain the operations and financing of Christian radio for the Slavic people is paramount, and allows CRFR to subsidize the costs of airtime on behalf of Russian-speaking churches, pastors, denominations, and ministries that are unable to pay for airing their programs over our media network. The CRFR supported media service includes direct to home satellite radio reception (over 103 million homes across Europe, Russia, Israel), unlimited Internet radio distribution in multiple formats over www., and one remaining FM radio station in Russia.

Current CRFR board of Directors: Rev. Ken Wagner, Mt. Vernon,WA; Brian Bettger, Mt. Vernon, WA; Rev. Randy Vaught, Kentucky; NLR Advisor: Dr. Robert Larson, Northbrook, IL; NLR Counsel: Grant Erickson, Chicago, IL; Marlene Hamrick, Treasurer, Youngsville, PA

CRFR is registered as a 501C(3) organization in the State of Illinois

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